Rental Rates

Large Events:  Dances, Receptions, Banquets, Parties $180  
Small Events: West Section $50 /section
                       Middle & East Sections            $65/section  
For Profit Events $200 /day
For Profit Events Setup Day/Tear Down Day $25 /day
Damage Deposit for Small Event (Returnable) $250  
Damage Deposit For an Event With Alcohol and /or Dance $500  
Kitchen $15 /section
Optional Fees:    
          Large Events $105  
          Small Events $35 /section
Cleanup(not optional for dances or "for profit")    
          Large Events $180  
          Small Events $60 /section
Liquor Services - Main Street Bar & Grill 320-329-3290 or Dave's Place 320-329-6149. *Outside liquor is not allowed.